Successful days at the fair Drinktec in Munich

Seli can look back on a successful week at the Drinktec in Munich.


Many new contacts were made and existing connections were advanced. Many interesting conversations were made. There was considerable interest in the development of analytical measuring technology, pressure measurement technology and the new process connection technology.

The following fair highlights were to be discovered in Munich:

New hygienic process connection technology

Due to some changes in the EHEDG guidelines, we have expanded our well-known process connection system. New hygienic EHEDG approved process connection technology with a polymer sealing system. Furthermore, the existing or standardized modular process connections can be used.

New turbidity sensor STScell in the 180 ° process

- With durable LED technology
- Highly accurate measuring range up to 7 AU
- Integrated measuring amplifier, no additional transmitter required
- In-line measurement in real-time
- Easy calibration 
- Freely configurable measuring unit 
- Outputs via USB, Modbus RS485 and 0-20 mA interface

Expansion of our entire measuring technology

In addition to the above mentioned keys, we will provide further highlights and surprises.All of our high-quality systems will also be available in a separate, modular version in the future. The wide range of our proven sensors and measuring instruments will also be available on site.

Reflective sensor STS05 - Pathbreaking development

The STS05 is the first sensor with a new EHEDG tested process connection Hygienic Connect and flush process integration. Especially at high turbidity values, e.g. For milk products, the backwashing principle is a very reliable measuring method.

Expansion of our process pressure measurement technology

We have consistently expanded our previous program in pressure measurement technology with significantly improved measurement cell technology. This allows us to provide higher accuracy. We will start with the SDT43 as the first device of the new SDT4X series. This can optionally be equipped with Hart 5/7 or Profibus protocol.

Innovative Automation.
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