Automation is our passion!

Since 1990 we have been experts in the field of automation technology. Today we, including our more than 30 employees, are one of the largest system producers of automation technologies. In addition, we have also set a mark as producers of innovative measuring technologies within the national and international market. Enthusiasm and inspiration, flexibility and decisiveness: these are the values that embody us and that we live by. You have taken us to where we are today.

Have you got a vision that needs to take off? Why wait? We are looking forward to the challenge!



We are Member of the EHEDG Group!


Years of experience guarantee the highest product sophistication. Our customers profit from our innovative and reliable process technology.

Our customers

Seli has optimized manufacturing processes with its expertise and the innovative products.

Mathias Wallkötter, head of electric workshop

Innovative Automation.
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