SDA 2000 universal LED display

Universal LED display

  • 4-digit 14 segment LED display
  • inlet for mA, V, WTH (e.g. Pt100), TE and potentiometer
  • 2 relays and analogue outlet
  • universal power supply
  • programmable on front
Technical specifications
  • 4-digit display with 13.8 mm, 14 segment display. Max. display range – 1999…9999 with programmable decimal place, relay switch status ON/OFF
  • all parameters for every application can be adjusted with the front buttons
  • the SDA-2000 is available with the stated specifications and is fully configured ready for process control and visualization.
  • language for help instructions can be chosen from 8 available languages in the menu
  • the model with relay outlets offers an option for the user to minimise the commissioning time by activating/deactivating each relay independent of the input signal
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