Type STS 01 turbidity meter

Turbidity meter

  • secure phase separation
  • quick product change-over
  • reduced waste water costs
  • filter monitoring
  • concentration measurements colour-independent
  • compact design with integrated electronics and display for configuration
  • resilient sapphire windows CIP/SIP suitable
  • hygienic design, polymer-free seal system
  • LED light source guarantees steady and long-life signal
  • integrated digital and analogue output
  • straightforward configuration
  • process monitoring and documentation
Technical specifications
  • measuring range 0-100%
  • LED light source
  • wave length 880 nm
  • optical path length 5, 10 and 20 mm
  • stainless steel 1.4404 (316L)
  • finish quality electro-polished <0.37 µm Ra
  • sapphire window
  • supply voltage 12…30 VDC
  • output current 4…20 mA
  • output PNP 24 V, opener / turnkey configurable / max. 150 mA
  • input contact in zero position
  • cable connection M12 plug-in, 5-pole
  • Process connection G1/2” elastomer-free seal system
  • ambient temperature -20…70ºC
  • process temperature 0…90ºC, 140ºC maximum for 2h (SIP cycle)
  • max. process pressure 16 bar at 60ºC
Frank Oehmann
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Frank Oehmann
Typical applications

STS is a sensor to measure the optical density of liquids in order to continuously monitor process results or in order to reliably detect deviations. Particularly useful for phase separation, filter monitoring and concentration measurements.

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