Type SLI 04 conductivity measuring unit for the food + pharmaceutical industry

Conductivity measuring unit for the food + pharmaceutical industry

  • inductive measuring system for conductivity and concentration measuring in systems and processes
  • for cost-effective phase separation and simple analysis tasks
  • Up to 4 freely stored concentration curves, display in percent
  • display of conductivity, cocentration and temperature
  • Measuring ranges freely configurable, via illuminated graphic display or free PC software "SeliSoft"
  • Sensor checking and documentation using conductor loops, PC and "SeliSoft"
  • very compact and robust version in hygienic design
  • housing made of stainless steel 
  • extremely fast response times
    temperature: t90< 9 sec.
    conductivity: t90< 1 sec. (damping=1)
  • FDA, EHEDG conform
Technical specifications
  • analogue output for conductivity and temperature in each case 4…20mA, IO-link
  • 14 basic measuring ranges
  • 4 measuring ranges switchable externally
  • intelligent temperature compensation
  • temperature application ranges:
  • substance (permanent): 0ºC  to 100ºC
  • substance max. (1h): 0ºC  to 150ºC
  • modular process connection technology
  • installation in pipelines starting from pipe nominal diameter DN 40
Frank Oehmann
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Frank Oehmann
Typical applications
  • food technology
  • chemistry and pharmacology
  • medical technology
  • environmental technology
    • substance + phase separation concentration control technology
    • concentration of CIP-units
    • product quality monitoring
    • detection of product residues within the cleaning return flow

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