Type SKS 05 level detector

level detector

  • weld-in sleeve system and modular process connections
  • aseptic measuring point possible
  • electrodes can be shortened independently
  • medium-affected components are made of stainless steel
  • material Nr. 1.4404 /  HALAR® 3404DA-coating
  • FDA, EHEDG conform
Technical specifications
  • coated electrodes (Coating for SIP applications (Sterilizing-In-Place) only conditionally suitable.)
  • stainless steel terminal head material Nr. 1.4305
  • connection: M12-connector
  • optional with level module
  • optional ports with terminal head:
    • screw connection
    • M12 plug-in
  • thread M12 elastomer-free seal system
  • protection class up to IP69K
  • operating pressure max. 10 bar (higher pressures upon request)
  • tightening torque for seal system 5-20 Nm
  • CIP- / SIP cleaning 140ºC (30 min)
  • permissible substance temperature permanent 0…100ºC
  • ambient temperature -10…60ºC
  • probe length 500 mm
Frank Oehmann
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Frank Oehmann
Typical applications
  • empty and full notification in containers
  • substance monitoring in pipelines for pump protection
  • container filling / drainage with level control

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